Thursday, July 29, 2004

You said: "Do you really think I have a life here?"

Do I? Tell me why I would not think that when it seems to me that you have adjusted with the life there. You moved to live on your own and you now work. I do not know what's happening to you, all i know is that you are not here. You do not tell me anything anymore so I can only assume that you probably prefer being there. Thinking that you've started a new life there helped me let go of you. I am still bitter but I know at least I don't hope for much right now. I' ve let you go and i've stopped fighting for this.

You said: " Why won't you bleieve me when i say I'm coming back? I've told you over and over that I'll be back..."

I know you've told me that you'll be back about a dozen times. I know you'll be back and I believe you. But the longer the time that you are away, more things change between us. We are both at the point in our lives where a lot is changing, we could have met the changes together but you left. When we finally see each other I am sure we will be two different people. Not anymore like the carefree students we were when we met but people who have seen how it is to live life independently. Even if you say otherwise, even if you assure me that nothing will change with you, I cannot force myself to believe that. I guess I am stubborn that way.

You said: " I just want you to be happy. I am doing this because I do not want to hurt you. I only want what would make you happy..."

Really now? You think that doing this will make me happy? But why on Earth am I hurting? Maybe you don't know me that well. If you would just ask what would really make me happy, I only have one answer - YOU... 

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