Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I have just told our managing director that I am leaving the job. She did not comment, she did not say anything. It was like she knew that I was planning to do this for a while now. One of my officemates said that our manager has learned to be neutral to every person she handles that tells her that they are leaving. In our group almost half has left since she started handling the team. I think that we who are leaving all have the same sentiments. She does not really know how to handle people. Sometimes she has the tendency to treat us all as her assistants, which we are not. In my case where I do not really need the income but rather the experience and training, It is relatively easier for me to make the decision to leave. Although I will be unemployed again, it does not bother me so much. I guess I would have tried to make this work if the job I was doing is fulfilling but it is not. I just cannot find the motivation. All that's left to do now is print out my resignation letter and talk to the president of the company. It's funny that I am not even nervous. It's funny how I am so looking forward to all the free time that I am going to get again.

I wish life was more simple than this.

Signing off.....


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