Saturday, June 19, 2004

When I was a kid my brother loved playing all kinds of sports with me. He would practice basketball with me and sometimes table tennis. He loved playing with me because he always wins. I was never really good at any kind of sport. And whenever he beats me he would bug me about it. I tried to learn how to really play but I soon realized that I was not really gifted to be sporty. Yes, I may know how to play but I can never really be good at it. So I never really belonged to any team in high school.
But lately I’ve been playing with my high school friends because just having dinner or lunch with them gets boring after a while because we won’t have anything new to talk about. So since my other friends are sporty ( they actually belonged to the varsity team in high school) I try to play too. We went bowling and although my first attempts were really embarrassing I eventually learned how to throw the ball properly. I also tried brushing up on my billiard skills and I had a great time laughing at myself. And of course, the most popular sport lately, badminton. I have to say that I am getting better and I even know the rules now. =)
Ha, just a little more practice and maybe when my brother comes back home I can show him that I am better. And maybe beat him for once. =)

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