Sunday, May 23, 2004

The previous week in a glance…

May 17 and 18: Spent the two days in Zambales. It was the first time that I went overnight to a beach with my high school friends Portia and Tin. We swam in the pool, watched the sunset in the beach. We tried making sand castles, tried playing badminton even if it was windy and learned to play billiards. On the way home we passed by Subic and bought pasalubong for Milet who sadly cannot come with us.

May 19 – 21: my family and me went to Thailand. Bangkok looks very similar to the Philippines although their economy is much better. We had a fun time shopping. We also got the chance to see the city with all its temples and restaurants that served really spicy food. My father and brother visited Bangkok’s red district and they said that it was really very interesting.

May 22: it was ate jeng’s birthday and we went to clowns, a sing along bar, to drink and watch the gay people make fun of their audience. But there were one or two people who sang really well.

May 23: At last I was home in Bulacan again. We were supposed to go to tagaytay but it was raining really hard and the twins had colds so they decided to cancel the trip. We just had lunch together. I was really sleepy so I went to sleep immediately when I got home. Just woke up to hear mass.

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