Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The past week has been full of activity for me. It feels like the summer has just started for me even though it’s starting to rain almost every afternoon. Last Sunday, we had the birthday party for my twin nieces. The kids really enjoyed themselves. The next day was the elections day. I bummed for a day and voted in the afternoon. I cannot really say that I was a responsible voter because I just voted for the people who were recommended by my mom.

Right now, we just got home from a beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan. We were just there for the night and that was enough time to decide that we will not be going back to that place in the near future. They had such poor service and the place was a 4 hour drive. We thought that the beach will be beautiful because of the promotion the resort was getting so we figured that the long drive would be worth it. We were wrong. We got there a half past 12 really hungry because we did not have lunch yet. Guess how long it took for lunch to come? 2 FREAKIN HOURS!!!! We were eating lunch when the other people were already having their meriendas. In addition to this, they gave our reserved villas to other tourists so my cousin had an argument with the resort attendant. When we finally got our rooms and had the chance to look at the beach we found out that seaweeds are floating on the shore. There were no waves and there was nothing to do at the beach. It was so frustrating. Good thing they had a pool and a Jacuzzi. So we ended up staying in the pool. My other cousins were saying that we could have just been in one of the pools near our home; at least it won’t be that expensive.

I had no signal for the two days that we spent in Bolinao, so I received all my messages on the way home. I received a message from Rean and Jaja that said that I passed in the Ateneo law school. I didn’t know what to do. I was scheduled for an interview tomorrow in San Miguel and I am almost assured of a job. Now that I passed ateneo everyone keeps telling me na saying naman if I gave up the slot because a lot of people want so bad to get into the Ateneo. Problem is I do not know what to do now. I want to try working but I’m afraid that if I get dissatisfied with my work I would regret my decision in not going through with law school. Or if I choose to go to law school and not pass the bar I might be too old to get a nice job that I want. I know that I have to take a risk in whatever I choose.

I still haven’t decided totally on what to do but the best decision I have come up with is to accept the job and try it out for a year. If I am dissatisfied, I can go back to law school with the thinking that if I passed law school this year, I can also pass it next year. I hope I don’t make the wrong choice….

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