Saturday, May 08, 2004

I wasn't able to access the internet lately because our phone was not working since tuesday. It was the town fiesta pa naman. For some reason, the fiesta this year was not that fun. My high school friends were there and so were my college friends. But it still felt incomplete. Maybe because it was a weekday and there were not as much people or maybe i was just missing someone so badly.

Last thursday, Melissa, Tin, Portia and I went to greenhills. It was kind of an adventure because we commuted from bulacan to greenhills. I wanted to buy a gift for mom for mother's day but while i was looking for stuff i realized how hard it is to give her a material gift because she has everything she wants already. So i figured i will just write her a letter, after all, that would have more value than anything i can buy.

Earlier, my mom asked me to go with her to my cousin's house. Ate gladysjust came home from the states. Her twin daughters and her husband was with her. The kids are cute. I bet they grow up to be really beautiful ladies.

have you experienced being the confidant of a person about his failed love lyf and the person's ex-gf is one of your closest friends? it's hard being in the middle of things you don't really wanna be involved in...