Sunday, March 14, 2004

yey, i have a cool layout.. yey, tnx so much to Ego. Really appreciate it. Astig na rin blog ko. He stayed up till four am to work on my blog. yey, super thank you talaga. Tapos aga ko pa cya ginising. hehehe.
Neway, i had my last official area in Escopa yesterday. Quite sad that i would be leaving our kids. But i promised myself that i will definitely go back even if i was already working. hay, i will definitely miss the marco polos, mang digs and the kids dancing otso otso, pamela and spaghetti. Kahit most of the time gusto ko na silang patayin dahil ang kulit nila.
After area, tambay mode with Ge, Ja, Ego and Marvin. I didn't stay long coz i really wanted to sleep. Only had two hours of sleep coz of the Senior's night and reading all the letters. I recieved Marvin's letter nga pala. Nakaka-touch coz he notices even the smallest of details... =)
Kit and Ego came over to work on my blog. Kit messed around with my laptop. Nervous moments when they couldn't get my computer to open again. when kit fell asleep on the living room couch, ego was able to really start on my blog and upload his new layout. I repeatedly got disconnected from the internet. Damn server. When Master Showman came on air i almost died laughing. I guess i got too tired from laughing that i finally fell asleep. Ego kept waking me up...after a while di na niya ko nakayang gisingin.
Woke up because of Jules calling. After i dressed up, saw Ego already awake and i dragged him to Greenhills.
Cool, i haven't been to greenhills for a while. I wanted to buy lots of things but i didn't have enough money with me. I realized it's hard going shopping with guys coz they kept on going inside hobby shops. And Jules treated us to lunch. thanks jules.
When i finally got home, my brother and his girl was fiddling with the laptop so i ended up watching movies on DVD.
I'm going to the retreat tomorrow and i just finished packing. I also wouldn't be able to update my blog for the following days because of the retreat. Hope it will be fruitful.

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