Monday, March 08, 2004

I was thinking about what I was going to write today and I couldn’t come up with anything exciting or interesting. I ended up reading Julie’s blog. She doesn’t know I read her blog and maybe does not even know that I have my own blog already. When I think about it, Julie’s one of the girls I really admire. Yes, I’ve seen her cry a million times but she gets back on her feet and learns from her mistakes. Basta, she’s a good friend. One of the few that I will really miss after college.

Last night, I got to chat with Gelo in Yahoo. It was funny because he was in the “doctor love” mode. My love life’s very complicated right now. It’s the classic case of the battle between your heart and your mind. I was insisting to Gelo that I was a very logical person so I really did not have a problem. But he kept on insisting that what is important is that I am happy and following my heart will make me happy. “mahirap pero kakayanin mo kasi nagmamahal ka” He got me there. I do not even wanna resolve this problem right now but I know putting it off will not do any good. I am such an escapist. Ayokong magtaya kasi ayokong masaktan. I would rather hide from the situation because I am too afraid to face it. Pero I know I am hurting people in the process. Sobrang melodramatic na yata ako.

On a lighter note, my grades are okay. I haven’t yet computed my QPI but at least I got grades that I deserved. I woke up late (as usual, hehe). I paid for my retreat, for the senior’s night. I was broke once again, tsk tsk, it’s hard being unemployed. I haven’t even paid all my debts to Julie for the thesis expenses and for the blue roast ticket. How can I ask money from my parents when they have already given me so much?! I really am broke.

I went to UP with Ja and Gelo to have my Grad Pic recopied, Gelo was teasing me about our talk last night. Grrr…..i appreciate all his advice but I wish he wouldn’t mention it. EVER. Then off to Bulacan again. Marvin and Webs accompanied me home. There was heavy traffic but at least I have people to talk to. Marvin is so sweet he bought me muffins from Kenny Rogers. =)

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