Monday, August 16, 2010

Food Find in Bulacan: Edison's LTB

At work, whenever people ask me where a nice place to eat in Bulacan is, I tell them there really isn't any. I say this because home-cooked meals are still the best for me whenever we go home to Bulacan.

But there is a place that Mac and I would usually go to, specially during the rainy season or just when we are craving for lugaw. It's Edison's LTB along the DRT highway in San Rafael, Bulacan.

Edison's is a nondescript place which only serves lugaw, sisig and some inihaw. But everyone goes there for the LTB (lugaw, tokwa't baboy). It is really good and cheap too. Lugaw is only P8.00 and the Tokwa't Baboy is P30.00

So for anyone passing through DRT highway going to San Rafael, San Miguel, San Ildefonso and Nueva Ecija, Edison's is a nice place to stop by and have your merienda.

The lugaw
Best paired with the tokwa't baboy. The baboy is crunchy and cooked just right.

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