Monday, August 09, 2010

60 Hours in Singapore

It was like participating in the Amazing Race as we wanted to visit all the touristy places in Singapore. We crammed everything to only 60 hours.

Hour 1 – 10:00am

The plane ride was a bumpy one due to the really hard rain. The pilot even commented that he had a hard time landing the plane. Thank God he was able to land it without any incidents. We went out of the airport into the pouring rain.

Decided to take a taxi since it would be hard to carry our luggage all the way to the MRT with the rain so hard. The taxi driver was not too familiar with the hotel we booked, Hotel Re but we finally arrived.

Portia already bought tickets for Universal Studios for the day which she left at the hotel lobby. The hotel looked for almost 20 minutes before they were able to find it.

It’s advisable to buy tickets ahead of time. We originally wanted to go on a Saturday but tickets were already sold out. So our trip happened on a Friday. It was okay since rates were cheaper during weekdays at only S$66.00 (P2,224.00)

Hour 2 - 11:00am

We all decided to meet at Vivo City at 12pm to go to Universal Studios together. Since the tickets have already been bought and plans were already made, we still went to Universal Studios.

The only disadvantage of the hotel was the long walk to the MRT station (Outram Park). But if you are fit enough, you would enjoy the walk because it is through a park.

You will go through this small gate at the back of the hotel

Go down a flight of stairs

And walk through Pearl's City Park

Before you see the MRT station

Mac and I each bought an EZ-Link card which is really useful if you plan to ride public transportation. Each card is S$7.00 pre-loaded with S$5.00 that you can use. You only need to top-up if the balance gets low.

Hour 3 – 12:00pm

We arrived at Vivo City (ride the MRT to Harbourfront Station) and saw a Carl’s Jr. store. Mac wanted to eat there since there were no more Carl’s Jr. back home.

Big burgers. I wasn't able to finish mine. A meal costs around S$9.00

Hour 5 – 2:00pm

Miles and Berta arrived and off we all went to Universal Studios. The transportation system in Singapore was very efficient that you will not get lost just as long as you pay attention to maps and signs. We rode the mono-rail from Universal Studios to Sentosa which only costs S$3.00 back and forth.

A shot of the stairs going up from the metro station. Nice outdoor ads from Pepsi

Swiping the EZ-link card is a breeze

Universal Studios was a bit smaller but it still brought out the kids in us.

Hour 10 – 8:00pm

Rides and attractions closes at 7:00pm in Universal Studios so it’s better to plan the visit ahead of time to ensure that you get to watch all the shows. We got to see everything but some of the rides were still not open (i.e. Battlestar and Madagascar). It was a shame since the dual roller coaster (Battlestar) looked amazing.

Goofing around in one of the rides

Too bad the ride is not open

We enjoyed this one.

Waterworld show was a classic. We sat at the splash zone, good thing we had umbrellas with us because the actors will get you wet.

We were still wet at this pic. Shot right after a water ride.

The Madagascar characters

We had to exchange money since we were running out of dollars but the rates in Vivo City were really high.

Hour 24 – 10:00am

Day 2 of the Singapore race started with Mac and I going to Lucky Plaza, Orchard road to exchange money. There were several money exchange stores at the basement of lucky plaza.

Hour 26 – 12:00pm

We met up with Portia in Vivo City again this time to go and see the attractions in Sentosa.

The giant Merlion in Sentosa

Lunch was at food republic which was a nice fast food type place selling Asian food. I tried Java Kitchen and their food was really spicy.

Hour 28 – 2:00pm

We also met up with Zeus in Sentosa and we did all the attractions. We specially enjoyed the Luge.

You get to ride this going up. Not recommended for those afraid of heights.

Then you ride the luge going down.

Sentosa has the Cinemagic attractions.

In Desperados, you sit in a horse and shoot at the screen to get points. I almost made best sheriff! I was 3rd place.

Ben & Jerry's is perfect to beat the heat in Singapore

And it's better to eat it in the beach. This is also in Sentosa.

We wanted to watch Songs of the Sea but it was sold out for the earlier show and we did not want to wait until 9pm for the next show so we decided to skip it.
Mac just had a picture taken with the fish featured in Songs of the Sea

Hour 34 – 8:00pm

Meet up with Portia’s husband at Esplanade after the fun but tiring day at Sentosa.

We wanted to see the smaller version of the Merlion but there were so many people waiting for the fireworks.

We decided to just have dinner.

Hour 36 – 10:00pm

Met up with Miles in Clarke Quay and watched them try the Bungy Jumping. Mac and I would try it because it looks exciting but we just think it was too expensive at S$45.00 for just around 5 minutes.

The structures holding the ropes

And this is where you sit

Mac and I had to hurry back to the hotel after because the train and hotel back gates (shorter walk) closes at midnight. We arrived just in time!

Hour 48 – 10:00am

It was shopping day.

We first went to Funan IT Mall to meet with Zeus again and this is where Mac bought an external hard drive at the Challenger store. I was too tired to follow him around so I decided to just sit in a Mcdonalds.

We then went to Wisma Atria in Orchard to shop but there were just too many people and we were too tired that we really did not get to shop.

We met up with Portia and her husband again in Bugis afterwards and since Mac and I were both so tired that we just wanted to sit down, we joined them to watch Inception (despite us having watched it already). I just slept through most of the movie. At least I got to rest.

Hour 60 – 10:00pm

Time to go to the Airport and back to Manila.

Mac and I enjoyed Singapore. But there were a lot of places we still wanted to go that we did not get the chance to see.

So we vowed to return probably next year. I want my parents to come with us since they’ve never been to Singapore. And I am sure they will enjoy Sentosa.

So until next year.

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