Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Road Trippin California: San Francisco & Lake Tahoe

We drove 6 hours from Los Angeles to San Francisco to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge and "The Rock". (I love Nicolas Cage in that movie, by the way)

We rode these ships to go to Alcatraz

The Rock

San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge from afar

And we're here

The inmates closet

I still say that the American inmates are better off than ours, at least they get their own bunks

 One reason I was so excited to go to the US was because I wanted to see snow. And since it was still November, and we were in California, it really doesn't snow so we went and looked for snow.

Off we went to Lake Tahoe.
I was already getting disappointed here because there were no snow in the mountains. It was too early, they said.

But I was persistent so we rode the cable car up the mountain to see the snow

And finally!

When we got there, it was sooo cold! I wasn't prepared. :)

I still had a lot of fun though

San Francisco is another beautiful city that If only we had more time, I would really want to stay longer. But the long drive was worth it.

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