Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Juju Cleanse Challenge

Finally found a diet/detox that I can do without getting cranky.

This is a purely liquid diet and although some of the drinks are a bit hard to get down, you can do it and not feel hungry the entire day.Just as long as you take lots of water or tea.

If only it were not so expensive. A day's worth of juice costs P2,500.I did this with some officemates so we got the barkada package with a pack worth P2,200.00

Ordering is a breeze and they deliver your Juju Cleanse kit the day before you plan to do it
Here's all the juices in line. I loved the Spicy limonada but hated that red drink, i think it was made of beets
It comes in a nice bag with an ice pack to keep your juices cold throughout the day
So to those interested to do the Juju. You can visit their official website for more details. www.jujucleanse.com

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