Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Food Trippin California!

One of the best parts of any trip that Mac and I do is the food. And since we love American food, we were really looking forward to the food!

Here's a compilation of some of the most memorable food we had.
We had happy hour in Elephant Bar
The spinach dip is really good


They sell Taho. How come our local chowkings here don't?

In and Out Burger

IHOP for breakfast.

This was the thanksgiving feast so this was also mostly Filipino food. But the ham! Describing it won't do justice to how it tasted.

Cute little cupcakes

One serving is good for 3 Pinoys!

Their Starbucks sells fruits. I hope ours do too.

Sizzler's steak and unlimited shrimp

Ihop's ham and cheese sandwich

I still love Pancake House though

Red Robbin Nachos

Red Robin Burger

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Dream come true for Mac. Have a picture with an actual Hooters calendar girl

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