Thursday, June 05, 2008

Muziklaban Press Launch

It's Muziklaban's 10th year! Although this year it's harder to mount the event because of the new brand team and new rules and targets that we have to keep in mind, it still feels good to be able to pull off another event (even if its just a small press launch).

After everyone from the press has gone home and the program was over, it was time to have some fun with the side activities that we prepared for the press launch. It was my first time playing guitar freaks, it was so addicting that I think I spent almost an hour playing it. =) I left the event at around 1:00am already because of playing guitar freaks. I was surprisingly good! No one was able to beat my high score! haha....

Rey, Gab, Me, Jelle, Barbie and Bert

Woohoo... Guitar Freaks!!!!

Look at James' lost boy look

Dancing Heads!!!!

I'm the Guitar Freak Champion!!!

After the event, our marketing manager walked up to me and said "good work"...hmm...feels good to be appreciated even for just a night. Oh and if you notice, almost all of us are wearing black coz we instructed people to come in their best rock outfit. The person chosen to have the best rock outfit was Harold of, he won an IPOD from us. (An ipod which stressed me so much coz it almost didn't arrive in time for the event).

Till the next rocking gig..... (which is just a week away).

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  1. Been looking for upcoming Muziklaban scheds. Hope you could share it with us.