Monday, May 21, 2007

Summer Fling

The sand is soft to the feet. The beach is quiet now. There were just some small traces of the party that was held earlier. They knew that the time to part has come. They knew that what they have has to end.

He didn’t know what to say to her. He has decided that this is the perfect moment to let her go. He knew that heA has to make the decision for her. He knows her too well. He knows that their affair will not stop unless he leaves her. He knows that she doesn’t have the courage to leave her boyfriend. And he has made the decision for both of them.
He knows that he can never have her fully.
Never like before.

She doesn’t want it to end. She has a boyfriend waiting back home, she knows that what she is doing is not right. She knows that she might hurt a lot of people, but there is also one thing she knows for certain, She loves him. She loves him enough to want to leave her boyfriend of two years. She loves him enough to stand by him. And although it is very uncharacteristic of her, she has made a decision.
She has made the decision to love him fully.
Just like before.

He tells her that he has to leave her. He tells her that he does not love her anymore. He tells her that what they have together is a mistake. He tells her all of these because he believes that what he is doing is right. Although it hurts him so much to say those things, he knows that he is just a distraction for her.
He will not be selfish.
Not this time.

She cannot believe what she’s hearing. She doesn’t want to believe him. All the times they spent together that made her happy beyond belief cannot be a mistake. She wants to tell him of her decision. Maybe she could persuade him to change his mind. But she doesn’t want to push herself to
someone who doesn’t want her.
She doesn’t want to be selfish.
Not this time.

The sand is soft to the feet. The beach is quiet now. All
traces of the party earlier were gone. They part, going different directions. Both wanting to look back and yet not doing so. Both wishing they could be together and yet not having the courage to turn back. They knew that what they have has ended.

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