Monday, May 07, 2007

New Stuff

Mac has wanted to buy a new phone ever since his Nokia 6680 got stolen at work. He's been using my old 8830 phone which looks like its about to give up on him very soon. The battery just dies for no reason, the phone clock just stops, whenever he'd send messages once, I'd recieve it three sometimes four times.

So since he needed a more decent phone I bought a new phone so I could give him the Nokia 6680 that I am using. Labo no? =) You see, I won't allow him to buy a phone unless he saves enough money to buy something that's important to the both of us. So since I am the one who has spare cash, I bought the phone that he likes (but of course I am still the one who uses it, and he gets to use it every now and then, hehe).

We bought this Nokia E65. And we're both happy with it. It's small enough to fit in the pocket of my shirt-jack. It has wi-fi which is very useful whenever I travel. Basically, it has everything I need.

So what else is new? Well, the renovation in our townhouse is finally finished. I have some pictures of the whole house but unfortunately it's in my other phone which is with Mac so I can't post what it looks like now. But it looks a lot better than before. The walls of my bedroom is still so bare. I don't know what to put in them, my mom suggests to put a painting or a picture but I kinda like it clean. I only had a small bookcase put in one corner and that's it.

Here's the only picture I have right now, a picture of my bed:

Also finished God of War 2. And I'm currently helping Mac finish it too. He's good at the combat parts and I'm good at figuring out the puzzles. =) He was playing the whole weekend and I was getting bored so I just kept on being a pest. =)

This is him so concentrated on defeating the huge rock man and managing to not fall into the floor of lava!!!! haha
He looks soooo serious it almost seem like he's mad!!!! Can't even smile for my picture. haha

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