Monday, September 11, 2006

Muziklaban 2006

We did it. After all those tiring and stressful days of preparing, after all those monitoring and being away every weekend for the eliminations and semi-finals, It's finally over. And although my shoes were immersed in mud and it seemed the rain wouldn't stop, the event was still successful. Everyone stayed even if they were getting really wet. Overall, it was a really great experience.

From the 2,000 bands who joined, only one band emerged as the best.

HardBoiledEggz hails from Baguio and they really do sound good.

Was supposed to get pictures of the bands performing and the crowd but I wasn't able to when it started to rain. Anyway, here are some pictures I managed to take before it rained.

Nobody will be courageous enough to start a brawl with all these policemen there.

The Crowd

With Ariel and Maverick. Nice bling Maverick!

Overall, Muziklaban 2006 was an amazing experience. And I am proud to be part of the team that made this happen.

Rock on!!!

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