Saturday, April 03, 2004

Just a while ago I recieved an MMS from a number i am not familiar with. There was a picture of my dog atlas. Atlas was the dog that Bok and I bought. So I assumed the message came from him. It seems that since i went home here in Bulacan, i see things connected to him even if i am trying to avoid all of it. Just yesterday after playing badminton i saw Joey, one of his barkada. He said they were going to puerto galera so i suppose they are there right now. I hope he's doing fine and having fun.

i went to a children's birthday party kanina and if I ever hear another otso otso or pamela one in the next few hours I will really scream my head out. It was all I heard during the party. I guess I am just getting old.

right now, i'm passing my time away by watching home along d airport. Pathetic!!!

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