Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Lately I've been bored and lonely. Have you ever missed someone so bad that you don't get to enjoy the usual things that make you happy because you wish you were with that someone? well, it's hard. It's ironic because yesterday i was with the company of my college friends and it was cool because we got to catch up on each other's lives but somehow it felt incomplete because i wanted someone to be there but the person's not.

Enough of that, it's just making me more sad. I'm beggining to experience the realities in life. The reality that I need a job because I can't keep on depending on my parents for everything. They pay for my phone bill, the gasoline for my car, evertything. I don't even go out too much lately because i'm broke. So I really need a job but unlike my batchmates who are walking the streets of Makati and passing Resumes to companies, I sit at home and wish that a miracle would happen and I would land a good job. Well maybe if I close my eyes and pray hard enough then the miracle would happen. haha, impossible. I know I will get a job...when I start searching for one. =) Maybe I still want to bum around for a while. JUst for another month. =)

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