Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Condo Project

Haven't been blogging lately as I have been so busy with different projects at home and at work. 

First, June-August has always been a very busy time at work because we do all our reviews and plannings this time. But work is still the same. 

Second, Mac and I has a secret project going on that's taking up a lot of our time. 

And third, our condo which we bought last 2011 has finally been turned over and although it is such a small place, you wouldn't believe how stressful fixing it before move in has been. There have been so many things to buy, things to consider, finding engineers, finding carpenters, finding furniture has been both exciting and challenging. It's fun though, being able to choose everything that we want. And now here's a quick glimpse of how we're progressing with the interiors.
We had to fabricate a custom-made shelf that will hold our induction cooker.

Mac and I also had a discussion on drinking and cooking water, do we buy purified water and a dispenser, but that will take up space in the condo. And we eventually decided to go with a Mitshubisi Cleansui water filter system. I love this buy

Of course Kira will have a place in the condo, here's her tray

Last weekend, Mac and I put up curtains and bedsheets already. I love the colors! Although we still don't have pillows yet

We still have a long way to go before we can actually move in, but it's starting to look liveable and I'm excited.

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