Monday, May 19, 2014

Chapel at Tabor Hill - Cebu City

On my trip to Cebu City last March 2014, we visited the Chapel of Holy Relics in Tabor Hill. It is a chapel which contains relics from Saints and Popes. Relics include pieces of garments worn by saints and Mama Mary, piece of nail of the apostles and the likes.

Novena prayers to Sta. Rita

The altar does not have a table. They celebrate mass similar to the vatican where the priests are also facing the eucharist

The ceilings are painted

Sta. Rita

Fr. Dennis entertained us. He's a priest that used to work in the relics department in the Vatican. He now serves as the resident priest in the Chapel of the Holy Relics
If you are Catholic and you would like to visit, the Chapel of Holy Relic is located at Tabor Hills, Barangay San Jose Cebu City

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