Friday, January 17, 2014

Road Trippin Phuket: Around Patong

Patong Beach was not too crowded when we went. The beach is at par with our very own beaches although they are much more organized.

Here are pictures we took around Patong
They have these just in case the Tsunami happens again.

the famous Bangla Road

With a lot of different performers, dancers and entertainers
We watched a "sexy show" at the "Wake up Club" for 800 baht

Bangla Road with Tuktuks in the background. If you can, avoid riding the tuktuks because these are overcharged

Patong Beach early in the morning. The beach chairs are 100 baht per chair for the entire day

random guy exercising

Tour booths open around midday. We found one near our hotel. Make sure you ask for discounts. We got 3 days worth of activities for 4,600 baht

Be really good at haggling for discounts

It was Children's day in Patong Beach so we saw a lot of children performing

And the police doing exhibits. Here I am riding a police motorcycle

Beach chairs during lunchtime. Umbrellas open already

There were children drawing and coloring

Patong Beach

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