Friday, January 17, 2014

Road Trippin Phuket: Activities in the Island

There are a lot of tour booths around Patong Beach, you just have to be patient and make sure you haggle for discounts as these travel agents can give you a lot of discounts.

We got 3 days worth of activities for 4,600 bath. This includes an ATV ride going up the big buddha, Elephant ride, Phi Phi Island Tour, Whitewater rafting, Baby Elephant Show, zipline and the sexy show. The tours also already include lunch.

Our travel agent was bright. Bright was very accommodating regarding our requests and would often recommend activities that he feels will maximize our time

First on the agenda is an ATV ride

Our rides

We rode up to the Big Buddha

They had buddha's that represent each day of the week

On the way back you will ride in cement road

and rough roads

So I suggest you bring a mask, or else your face will get this dirty

View from above the elephant

Elephant ride

Did a phi phi island tour

We got the tour with around 60 people in it. The boat was like a bus

Do not forget to bring bread because the fish will really flock to you if you feed them

Lunch included in the island tour

Maya Bay. This is where they shot the beach

Looks so much like Palawan

Unlike in the Philippines, there are no problems coming down and up the boat, they have stairs

Vikings cave

You can sunbathe on the deck of the boat

Whitewater rafting. This was fun although we didn't have pictures because we weren't allowed to bring cameras

There are so many other islands and activities that we weren't able to do due to our limited time. Reason for sure to come back again to beautiful Phuket

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