Monday, March 12, 2012

Food Review: BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken is a South Korean Fastfood chain. And surprise surprise, this is already available here in the Philippines.

BBQ Chicken's tagline is that it is Korea's no. 1 Chicken Restaurant.

I tried their original BBQ Chicken while Mac ordered the Crispy Chicken.
The Verdict: It was okay. Nothing to really rave about but I will surely go back. 

One interesting thing we saw in the menu was the colpop. It's like chicken nuggets placed atop soda. Convenient specially if you're watching a movie. Too bad the location is not within a mall. But I'm sure someone will soon franchise this.

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BBQ Chicken is located in Pearl Ave. in the building right across UA&P. It is on the 2nd floor (previously where 6UG is). 
Price/Meal ranges from 150 - 250.

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