Monday, December 19, 2011

Road Trippin California: Las Vegas

If I had stayed longer in the city that never sleeps, I would be bankrupt!

What are the things that you must do in Vegas?

Watch free shows at Circus Circus. They have shows every half an hour featuring different circus acts (most of which has performed for America's Got Talent)

Visit all the hotels at the strip

Like the Venetian

To admire the ceiling

And take a picture with the street performers

You will find a lot of interesting characters just walking around. Just leave a tip.
Don't miss the Eiffel Tower in 'Paris'
What do you do in Vegas? Gamble!
Be a big winner...Like Seth here with his dollar rings and necklace. :)

Consume a lot of sugar to give you energy

Visit the MGM grand and look at their snakes, fishes and lions

Stay at the Excalibur

Watch the fountain dance at the Bellagio

Eat in at least one buffet

What did I say about the sugar?

Most of all, have fun!

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