Monday, December 19, 2011

Road Trippin California: Korean Air Flight

Mac and I have looked forward to one trip this entire year, our 3-week long vacation in the US.

To be able to save on airfare, we made sure to book months in advance. As per our relatives' suggestions, we decided to fly with Korean Air. 

It was a good choice as Korean Air offers a host of entertainment choices that will keep you occupied during the long 16 hour flight from the Philippines to the US. Plus points for them since they serve Korean Food and I love Korean food. :)

Though there were flight delays, boarding was delayed for 40 minutes only, we still managed to arrive at the US almost on time (I guess, the pilot flew a little faster to make up for the delay).

The check-in terminal at the NAIA International Airport. I can't wait until this airport gets renovated
You always get to choose between an international dish (for non-koreans) and a korean dish. This is their chicken rice
I always get the Korean food - Bulgogi!
For breakfast, we also get a choice of rice porridge or omelet. I got the Omelet.

Beef for Dinner
Layover in Korea.
In-flight entertainment. I love the USB power source, I had no problems charging my electronics
Our tickets cost around P40,000.00 each (mla-seoul-lax).

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