Thursday, October 06, 2011

San Miguel Oktoberfest 2011: Manila Kick-off

It was the grandest and biggest San Miguel Oktoberfest that I have ever seen for several reasons:
  1. The venue was so big that it was able to accommodate almost 25,000 people
  2. San Miguel Oktoberfest brought back the highlight to its different beers available and not just focused on big bands and performers on stage
  3. It was the first time that different tents were placed that housed the different beer brands and showcased each brand's personality
  4. Tickets were very affordable at only P50,00 each with 3 free cups of the limited edition San Miguel Oktoberfest beer already
  5. And the best part of it is that they sold the beer at P10.00 per cup only. 
Props to the team that made Oktoberfest happen. But the partying is not over as the provincial legs will still be implemented on the following dates:

October 14 - Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro
October 15 - Nepo Complex, Angeles Pampanga
October 28 - Paseo De Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Pictures after the jump:

San Miguel Flavored Beer Tent - my new favorite beers

Start of the San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer Festival

Vacant chairs waiting to be filled
And indeed it was filled by 25,000 strong 

Love this team!

San Mig Strong Ice tent where the impromptu dance battles happened

Selling of the Oktoberfest Beer Gift Pack - this is a must-have for collectors and beer lovers in general

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews tent

San Mig Light tent

Red Horse Beer Tent

San Miguel Pale Pilsen Tent

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Bossing was there!

and Sam Pinto

And the Azkals

And Moymoy Palaboy

And San Miguel executives

Back to the beer being the highlight for Oktoberfest

It's a giant beer pyramid!

Bossing being interviewed by Gretchen Fulido

It's Sam Pinto's turn

Inside the San Mig Strong Ice tent

Another celebrity spotted, the stars of the San Miguel Alcoholic Malt Beverage video. Visit this site to see the video -

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  1. How could I let this event pass! This is one of my fave beer brands. Do they have some bands over?