Thursday, October 06, 2011

LZM Restaurant offers the Best Bulalo

What is a sure sign that you liked the food in a restaurant? Driving to Tagaytay 2 consecutive weekends and deciding to eat in the same place.

This is what Mac and I actually did.We loved LZM's bulalo and boneless bangus so much that we ate dinner there 2 consecutive Saturdays.

The first trip was with my officemates. 

Serving the very yummy bulalo. Perfect for the cold and rainy weather in Tagaytay   
Can't get over the Bulalo
The Boneless Bangus was also one of the Best Sellers
Satisfied faces: (L-R) Yoshi Tanaka, Mac, Me, Miles, Aids, Dapor and Migz (Gab was behind the camera)

We stayed in Canyon Woods, Tagaytay where two of our officemates were members.
Facade to the reception area


Casitas from Outside


Activities in Canyon Woods

We also had Razon's Halo Halo for merienda

Bag of Beans for lunch. They have a brunch buffet available up to 11am. Too bad we didn't make it to the brunch

Bag of Beans menu. The bacon looks so tempting

Having fun in the playground

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