Monday, October 04, 2010

Club 121 - Pasong Tamo

I rarely go to Makati because I always get lost and it's hard to retrace your steps because of the one-way roads.

But I made an exception on a friend's birthday.

We went to Club 121 which was located along the stretch of Pasong Tamo (going East - north bound from Edsa). Naturally, Mac and I got lost but we eventually found it.

Beer and chow is reasonably priced. What's fun about Club 121 is the activities they offer. You don't just sit down and drink with your friends, you can actually play beer pong, Wii and they also host trivia games.

If it wasn't so far from the office, I would invite my office mates to drink here.
They offer rice meals for those who haven't had dinner yet. The grilled porkchop was good.
So far, this is the first place I've seen with a beer pong table

So Happy Birthday Ja! (just don't mind Mac at the background)

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