Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tucson Loving

Taking a break first from posting about food and travels, I'd like to post about the modifications Mac and I have been doing on the Tucson.
  1. Since I do not have it washed and waxed as often as I should. Mac urged me to get the Optiguard paint protection program from Big Bert's at Ortigas Home Depot. Spent P5,500 for it. That included 2 free maintenance check.

  2. We also had the air in the tires replaced to Nitrogen Air as recommended by my brother and dad. A tire costs P75.00

  3. Also had them place a sun visor/rain gutter as a protection from the rain. Was also looking for a mud guard but the dealer did not have any on stock.

  4. Also bought a clip for the LTO sticker since I did not want to stick it directly in the windshield because it would ruin the tint

  5. We also installed a stepping/running board bought in Banawe.

Whew, it's expensive maintaining a car. I've never spent for Wugadu before. I guess it really is different if you bought the car with your own money. :)

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