Monday, December 22, 2008

Wedding Kwento

Finally found the time to blog after all the wedding madness. So here are my November – December updates.

November 29, 2008 – Grand Finals of the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban. We spent the whole day at the Marikina Sports Complex monitoring the event. Mac arrived to join me at around 7pm and we positioned ourselves in the special passes area to be able to get a good view of Sepultura’s performance. However when Sepultura started to perform, it started to rain so we had to go back to the VIP area. We also got the chance to meet and have our pictures taken with the band and I got a signed Sepultura jersey from them. Got home at 5am already.
Dec 1 to 5 – Start of my leave from work to be able to prepare for the wedding. My mom and I went to most of the suppliers to finalize details for the wedding so everything will go smoothly during the day.
Dec 6 – Wedding day. Woke up at 5:30am (Guess I was excited haha). Called up my bridesmaids to wake them all up specially since most of them will be coming from Manila.
Supplier ratings and kwento:
Marie (Make-up artist) – She was the first supplier to arrive at the house. She started doing my make up at around 9am. Her make-up was simple and just right for me. Although I had doubts if she would be able to finish all the make-up of my bridesmaids, she was still able to pull through. I also had two different looks – one for the ceremony with all my hair up and one during the reception where I had my hair down. She was a big help, even when I was putting on the gown and veil. She stayed even during the ceremony for all the retouch.
Bong (Flowers) – Bong is one of my mom’s friends who always help her with the flower arrangements at our church. I loved my bouquet. Even the arrangements in the church were amazing. There were real fruits and flowers along the aisle. The Flower girls also looked cute with the flowers in their hair. I also loved the unique bridal car where instead of flowers, he placed two bears representing the bride and groom. The bears were so cute because they were wearing a suit and a gown also. I have never seen our church made up like it was during the wedding. It was really amazing. Bong also did the cord, put accents in the pen, the lighters, the candles… Everything was just so beautiful to look at.
Classic Unlimited Strings (Music) – Their singers sounds nice and they were able to play all the songs that we requested. They were also able to play “So Close” which was a last minute request.
Fernando’s Bakery (Cake) – The cake was enormous. It also tasted good. Mac just had a little difficulty cutting the cake because he didn’t know where to cut it.
La Familia (Catering) – I wasn’t really able to taste all the food because we didn’t get the chance to really eat but from guest’s feedback the food was ok. The lechon was the one that got rave reviews but the lechon came from my brother. Mac said that the cheesecake was not as crunchy as compared to when we had the food tasting. One complaint I have from them is that they did not serve the drinks early so when the toast was being done, there were nothing in their glasses to toast. Also, they did readily serve the beer, I had to approach one waiter to instruct them to bring it out. And since they served it late, we didn’t consume everything. I asked my cousin to retrieve the beer that was not drank but they didn’t return anything. In short, they stole my beer which really pissed me off. In terms of arrangement during the reception, they did an okay job
Francis Reyes (coordinator and host) – he did a nice job in organizing things. Even when I lost the garter, he found a way to bring it to me. But I have to mention that he had my cousins’ help in the coordination. He also sang at the wedding. Francis also provided the fireworks, they were okay but I wish they had better choreographed the fireworks so that there is no lag in between
The Greenery (Reception) – they delivered on all they had promised to give us. And they were accommodating during the wedding. They even opened the lights for the lighthouse area.
Diko Gener (Ring Supplier) – He was able to adjust the rings and give us what we described.
East Digital (Photo/Video) – They arrived on time and they were fast in giving us our pictures from the wedding. The photographers were very friendly so we were at ease and felt comfortable posing with them.
Fr. Monic (Officiating Priest) – He met with us days before the wedding to walk us through what will happen during the ceremony itself. It really helped us be prepared for the wedding as we didn’t have any idea where to stand and what to do.
So the wedding turned out great, the weather was great and all the people had a wonderful time. It was a very memorable event.
The next day, Mac and I went back to Manila to fix all the stuff that we have to bring on our honeymoon to Hong Kong. On the NLEX, I got caught overspeeding for the first time which really pissed me because of the hassle that it will cause. But since I couldn’t do anything about it I just gave up my license and planned to claim it when we get back from our honeymoon.
The next five days we spent in Hong Kong for our honeymoon. We had fun going around the city and even visiting Macau albeit the bird flu outbreak and me getting sick for one night, we still managed to go to all the places we wanted to. I was mostly excited and happy for Mac because it was his first time to go out of the country.
Right now, we’re happily adjusting to married life and so far everything has been just a wonderful adventure. =)


  1. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Congrats on your wedding sis! I love your gown! Where did you have it made? :)

    Enjoy married life..God bless! :)

    Hazel (fellow w@wie)

  2. Thanks Hazel. My gown and all the ento gowns were made by a mananahi in Bulacan. Her name is Leny Mercado. I can give you her number if you want. =)