Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding Preps Update

1. Last Sunday, Mac and I with Ate Jeng (my cousin who will sponsor our wedding cake) and Ate Cel (her sister) went to Fernando’s bakery to meet with Pinky, our chosen cake supplier. My cousins and Pinky go way back. She was Ate Jeng’s batchmate back in high school so they knew each other already. I was surprised to find out that Pinky is now the cake maker for several GMA 7 artists. We finally decided on how the cake will look like (unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it and I couldn’t find one that looks like it in the net). So here are the spex of our cake:

a. 5 layers of all edible cake.
b. Flavors will be chocolate, mocha and cheesecake. The cheesecake will be at
the bottom so that’s what we will slice during the wedding, it’s cheesecake because they said it’s bad luck to slice a dark cake, so the chocolate will be at the top.
c. The side of the cake will be decorated with fresh flowers and grapes
d. Pinky will also decorate the goblet, fork and knife that we will use (for free).

I also wanted to have a bread bar and chocolate fountain, but of course, we will have to pay for that. Will just see if we have extra money for this.

2. We also went to the reception venue so Ate Jeng can have an idea of how the venue will look like since she will be the one directly working with our OTD coordinator. I also met the OTD coordinator/host for our wedding. He’s gay but I think he is decent. My mom got him because she has seen how he did in other wedding events that she has attended and according to her, Francis (the coordinator) is a relative of ours. We will set up a meeting sometime soon to discuss specifics regarding the wedding program.

3. My mom has started doing the DIY souvenirs. Our souvenirs will be shot glasses that she will decorate with a red ribbon. We will put kisses inside the glasses. Mac and I just have to have transparent stickers printed in Robee stickers as tags for the souvenirs.

4. Production of the invitation is ongoing and we’re expecting to get it by the 2nd week of October (can’t wait). The misallette’s layout has also been approved. The guest list is already with the supplier for printing in the invitations. To date, I have 295 guests.

5. We have already booked with Classic Unlimited Strings to be the performers during the wedding. I assigned Mac to look at their repertoire to choose the songs that they should play during the wedding. The only thing I have decided on is my bridal march which will be Lea Salonga’s Two Words and Jesu, Joy of Man’s desiring for the entourage march.

6. We have also finished with the pre-nups and has submitted our pics to our photo video supplier for the wedding AVP. We just have to choose 20 pictures from our pre-nup to include in the tarpaulin and the guestbook.

7. We have also bought wines to give out to the principal sponsors. For the secondary sponsors, initially I wanted cakes however my mom didn’t agree with it because the cake might melt and most of my secondary sponsors are coming from Manila so this one I still haven’t decided on.

8. Had the trial hair and make-up with Marie, my make-up artist during the wedding. I liked how she did my make-up. Anyway, Marie has been doing my make-up ever since grade school so she knows what I like.

9. We’ve also talked with my Tita Angie (also one of my principal sponsors) so we can borrow their Mercedes Benz car to use as my bridal car. At least that’s one less expense.

10. Mac and I has also visited his jeweler uncle to describe how we want our wedding rings done. He also took our ring finger sizes. I asked Mac about it yesterday and he said our rings are already being made.

Hmm…that’s it for now for things that we’ve done. On the to-do list are the following (Aside from those I’ve already mentioned above):

1. Talk to the caterer to do the taste test and negotiate so that she won’t charge corkage fee. We also need to finalize the menu. Hope the package covers for a salad bar.

2. Buy gifts for the secondary sponsors

3. Buy a bath robe which I will use during the bridal preparations

4. Get our confirmation certificates, baptismal certificates from our parishes.

5. Get marriage license and have our parents sign the parental advise form since we are both 25years old this is required.

6. Attend the pre-wedding seminar

7. Visit our officiating priest for the traditional “Dulog” and confession

8. Buy a washing machine (hehe. This seems off-topic. But my parents said that they don’t want me to be bringing home my dirty laundry to Bulacan anymore after I’m married so they are adding a laundry area to the townhouse where Mac and I can do our laundry. My mom has also talked to someone who can do the laundry and ironing for us and we just have to pay her monthly.)

I guess that’s it for now. Whew, that’s a long post!!!

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