Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I have always been a bitter, cynical person. I never liked how my life turned out. I always regretted my decisions in life. I always want drama in my life. It comes to the point that I instead of trying to solve my problems, I make it worse. I like being sad. I’m weird that way. But I like being sad because I write better when I am sad. I get an excuse to write about something. But lately, I have nothing. Before, I would update my blog every week, sometimes almost everyday because I had a lot of things to write about. But now, I write less often. Because my life isn’t as exciting as it was before. Or is it?

Anyway, I have been wanting to post a picture of our Galera trip for a while now. And finally I can do it.

Went to Galera with my College friends. We went the week after a typhoon hit Puerto Galera but we still went anyway. Although it was a short vacation I made a lot of memories: walking at the beach under the moonlight with people I really missed, Lying on the beach and reminiscing about a part of my life I would readily go back to, drinking with my friends, exchanging jokes, climbing a mountain (well, technically it isn't a mountain) and feeling like you were a kid once again without any responsibilities and commitments in life.

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