Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Found this in Chinky's blog... I think she also found it in another person's blog who I do not know. So whoever you are, I'm asking permission to also use your idea. =)

Anyway, that person said that you should put the first sentences of the first posts per month and that will be my year end review.

So here it is:

Jan: Bakit ba kita minamahal?
Feb: The world is spinning...My world is spinning
March: Can you believe we are at the office?
April: Tomorrow my future will be decided
May: I am bored
July: I met up with Patty today.
August: no entry
Sept: (not) a fairy tale
Oct: no entry
Nov:Alive, I'm still alive.
Dec: Song that is currently playing over and over my player.

So there is my whole year in review....I'll post something else sometime later. A proper tribute to all that has happened to me in the year that passed...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all....

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