Friday, December 31, 2004

What will I remember the most from the year that has passed?

I will remember Valentine's day which I spent with my other single college friends in Anne's house. We stayed overnight and had a lot of fun.

I will remember an orgmate of mine who made February 29th a very special day. In the midst of all my studying for my last final oral exams in college, he showed up at my door with flowers and inspired me to ace my exams the next day.

I will remember my last month of college at the Ateneo. March was full of unforgettable experiences - the senior's outing in Quezon, hanging out and just watching movies, attending area without worrying about exams or papers to do, walking to riverbanks to ride the bump cars, going to UP to eat isaw with my friends, and most especially graduation day.

I will remember my vacation with my cousins and how cute Ate Gladys' twin daughters are.

I will remember my first months of being unemployed. Just bumming around in the house and being a couch potato. I would watch DVDs the whole day long. Waking up late and just doing anything I want, reconnecting with my high school friends and getting all the chismis about our other batchmates.

I will remember my first ever job as a research associate for a headhunting firm. How I was bored out of my wits with what I am doing and how I hated my superior. I lasted for a month and then couldn't bear it anymore so I quit. I liked my co-workers though and the internet access the whole day long.

I will remember occassionally going out with a friend from the Ateneo. It was very weird because of all the history between us but he was sweet and took care of me for a while.

I will remember being heartbroken. I won't say anymore about this because I know I have said too much.

I will remember starting my current job. Meeting new friends in the office. Getting frustrated with all the chismis going around. But I will also remember all that I have learned and learning in my current job.

I will remember Ate Cel's wedding. I think I have written about that here before.

And lastly, I will remember falling in love like I have never loved before. This time I am giving my all. This time there is no fooling around. This time, I hope, will be the last time.

Whew, what a year....

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