Thursday, October 07, 2004

I attended the orientation for my job yesterday. There were 24 people in the program and most of the people are Ateneans. The supervisor was really funny. Even this early i can predict that our group will be a fun one.

The program was explained and I don't know if i am excited or apprehensive, maybe a little of both. It was exciting because we get to be immersed in every thing concerned in marketing. But i can't help but be a little scared because we will all be graded and there might be a chance that i might not pass (fingers crossed). But i truly wish that i get out of the program alive. =)

Midway through the orientation i got a headache and couldn't concentrate anymore with what was being said. Good thing my Dad gave me medicine after, I was still able to drive home to bulacan.

Now i have to arrange my pre-employment requirements and work starts on Oct. 18. No more bumming around for me after that...One week of freedom left to go.....

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