Thursday, December 22, 2016

Applying for a US Visa for a Baby

It's fairly easy to apply for a US Visa for your child. Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Make sure you fill out the DS-160 form correctly and pay the application fee. You do not need to bring your DS160 form instead they will only look for the appointment confirmation
  2. Go to your appointment early. Babies still need personal appearance. Upon the entrance, the lady will give you a green slip which indicates that you are a priority since you have a baby. 
  3. You will go straight to the interviews since there is priority for children. Children are also exempted from getting their fingerprints
  4. A consul will interview you. In our case, I prepared employment certificate, bank statements, marriage certificate and our passports with valid US Visas. Only our passports with US Visas were requested for as well as an NSO authenticated birth certificate. 
  5. The only questions the consul asked were if we were married, how long have we been married, the longest time we spent in the states, if we travel together as a family and that's it.
  6. Both parents can come in the embassy as guardians.
  7. You will get the visa one week after. In our case, we got it after just 3 working days. 
Viola, baby is ready to go to America!

I love his picture! Caught him smiling.

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