Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aquino Museum

A long weekend is coming up this Nov. 1-4, 2012. If anybody is going North, I would suggest dropping by the Ninoy Aquino Museum inside Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac.

Visiting the museum is very educational specially for the younger generation who did not get to see the Martial Law years and what the Aquinos went through.

We were in for a treat as Pinky Aquino herself gave the tour to us, we got to hear a lot of side stories behind the pictures. This is specially relevant since our current president is an Aquino.
Aquino grounds. This is where the Aquino kids grew up in

Ms. Pinky Aquino explaining the Aquino heritage

Cory Aquino during her wedding day

The cell where Ninoy Aquino was kept for 7 years

Ninoy's personal effects the day he was shot

Bloody jacket recovered from when he died

Cory Aquino's paintings

7 crosses represent the 7 years of incarceration for Ninoy. But all the roses showed all the blessings during the 7 years

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