Monday, September 12, 2011

Best Date Places: Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom

Mac and I loves going to theme park. We've been to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna when we weren't married yet and it was one of the best dates that we've had.

We were able to come back with his officemates and Enchanted Kingdom still do not dissapoint. We availed of a group discounted rate so we only paid P400.00 each for the ride-all-you-can tickets (but there are some new rides that are not included here).

It's nice that Enchanted Kingdom has added new attractions to their theme park so old timers like us do not get bored with the ride.

One of the new rides that we tried was the EKstreme ride. Ocean Park in Hong Kong also has this and while I liked the one in Ocean Park better, this ride was still worth the thrill. You just have to pay an additional P80.00 i think. But if you're afraid of heights, better not try this.

They also opened up a horror house which was just okay. You also need to pay additional for this.

Mac won "Momoy" the monkey for me!

Choconanaz is delish! I wish they open a branch in Manila

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