Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Splurging in Boracay

Boracay 2008


Boracay 2010

Boracay will be forever memorable for Mac and me, partly because going to Boracay was his first plane ride in 2008 and it was the first place that we both went to for the first time in our lives in 2008.

So for our 2nd year anniversary, we decided to spend it also in Boracay. Given the occasion, we wanted to splurge a little bit so I went ahead and booked us in the Boracay Regency. I know that there are a lot of newer hotels in Boracay already but staying there was one of the fullfilments to a promise we made to ourselves the first time we visited. In 2008, everytime we would pass by Regency we would say that someday, we will be able to afford staying there.

We did not regret staying at the Regency because their service is superb, breakfast is scrumptious, they have several pools you can choose from, welcome drinks upon your arrival, jacuzzi and the beachfront location.
Spot the difference between the two pictures

Welcome Drink
Buffet Breakfast
Our room
Our favorite pool

We decided to try the Inasal restaurant in D'Mall since it was jam packed and we reasoned that food must be good to have all those people. It did not disappoint. It was so good that Mac wanted to eat there again before going back to Manila.
Love the chicken oil!
We had ice cream after lunch because it was really hot.

A new thing that was not available back in 2008 was the Zorbing. You can ride a big inflatable ball down a hill or lie down and let the ball pass through your back. It's like a roller coaster ride. It was fun and 20 seconds will feel longer once you're inside the ball.

After Zorbing
While waiting for the ball to pass through

Thanks to Miles' sister, we also got to see Boracay Shangrila and had dinner there. Shangrila was so beautiful and as expected really expensive. A stay in an ordinary room costs at least 13,000.00 and a villa costs around 26,000.00 a night. Wow!
I love the tub!
The living room area in one of the Villas
And each villa has their own private pool

Aside from the spectacular beach, food was one thing that we will not miss out on in Boracay. Here are some pictures of the restaurants and food that we ate.
This was the shaved ice dessert we had at hallowich. Nom nom...

All in all, we had an awesome 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

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