Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Toy

Last year I pressured Miles to buy the Beach hut package which includes an old school underwater camera.

We were able to use it in several of our beach trips but it always poses a problem as there is no review option to see if we were able to succesfully take the pictures that we wanted.

The color was also not as clear underwater and it is such a hassle to have the film developed and scanned.

This took a lot of tries. And there is just too much noise that you cannot even recognize us.

I think this is the best picture I have from that camera.

So now I've finally decided to buy a real underwater camera. I didn't want to buy the more expensive Olympus cameras because MAc and I are planning to buy an SLR. I found a nice FujiFilm underwater camera that only costs 7,000. For me, it's worth the price.

Here's a sample of an underwater shot I took. This is just from our sink and I was taking a picture of our soap dispenser bottle

It also takes nice indoor pictures.

The camera comes in different fun colors. I bought the blue one. It's also really small and handy.

Now I can't wait to really test it out on the beach! Let's go!

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