Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leighnie's Blog

I have always kept a diary. I started way back in grade school. I treated my diary like a real friend – I even named it Trisha. =)

I kept a diary until college but I got too busy that I wasn’t able to write religiously in it. Then the internet boomed and I found out I could keep a diary online. This way I can write anytime I feel like it, even post pictures and videos. So I started this blog in 2004.

I was back reading on my previous posts and I realized that I’ve written my frustrations, my love, my changing priorities, my travels and all important things that have happened to me on this blog.

I write my blog for myself. So that I can document the happenings in my life. So that I won’t ever forget memories that should not be forgotten.

I do not write to be famous or to earn money. I do not care if nobody reads my blog. I just write because I love doing it.

And maybe someday I can share my love for writing to my children.

Note: I’ve revamped the blog to make it easier to read. And I think it deserves a new layout after 5 years.

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