Monday, August 11, 2008

General Updates

I just finished doing the guest list for my wedding. I think my Mom wants to invite the whole town. I'm actually getting frustrated because she's telling me that I don't want to help her with the preparations. But I do. The only problem is, she vetoes all the decisions I make. Like the cake design. Mac and I chose a design we want but for some reason she didn't want the design so she just went ahead and talked to the caterer to change the design I picked without even telling me beforehand. Same thing with the wedding gown and all the dresses, the invites, the food to be served... EVERYTHING!!!! So I just let her be because I don't want to argue... I am actually more excited for the honeymoon rather than the wedding itself, because at least we get to plan the honeymoon.

In the work front, it's the same thing. I am also frustrated because of the direction my brand is going. We just had the brand planning for the 2009 marketing plans and I don't quite agree with what is going to happen. So I am still considering on leaving. After the wedding, I can decide what to do with my work life. I am half tempted to just resign and be a housewife but I don't think we can live by Mac's salary only.

Oh well... Life sucks, for now...

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