Thursday, July 17, 2008

The ISP Experience and why I hate the people at Globe Broadband

I have long been wanting to get an internet connection at home, specially since most sites that I visit have been blocked by our office firewall. So last May, Mac and I finally bought a new computer with lots and lots of hard drive to accommodate all our downloads.

We went to a lot of forums, read a lot of posts and got advice from many people with regards to choosing the ISP that we will get. Initially, we wanted PLDT since we already have an existing phone line. However, when I called their 171 hotline, I was informed that I needed to change the subscriber's name since our phone line was still named after my grandfather who has already passed away. I asked my parents for a death certificate but they don't remember where they placed it. So since applying for a death cert is an added hassle, and based from feedback that PLDT takes too long to install, we chose what we thought was the next best thing which was GLOBE BROADBAND.

I cannot even begin to describe the stress that Globe broadband gave me because of the lousy service they have. Here is a chronological sequence of events:
- I applied for the Globe Broadband Plan 888 on first week of June.
- After 3 working days (Wednesday) they went to the house to put in the cables and the modem however the technician said that there was static on the line so they would have to go back the next day to get me connected. They left because it was already getting late and it was past their shift.
- Next day came and no technician arrived. I called up Globe's 9198888 hotline and after waiting for 45 minutes someone answered, I told them that someone promised to fix my connection today and the person said someone will come within 24 hours.
- Technicians went to the house Friday and I finally got my connection
- The connection was fast, I was getting download speeds of up to 1400kbps which impressed me. However, I couldn't download anything because I was sharing my IP address with a lot of other Globe subscribers in the area.
- I used the Globe Broadband service for 5 days after that and on the sixth day, my connection was lost. Of course I called the customer service right away and they said to expect someone to fix it within 24 hours. I waited...and waited...24 hours...48 hours...Nobody came and my modem just kept on blinking. I called Globe everyday (sometimes twice a day) for two weeks to beg them for a connection (one agent even texted me after the call and asked me out on a date since he thought my voice was cute even when I was angry - what does Globe teach their customer service agents? Flirt with their customers and maybe hope that they won't get mad when they don't get the service that they need?)
- My first bill came, I called them up again to tell them that I am not paying until they fix my connection. Still nothing happened. A storm hit and that gave them another excuse as to why I still have no connection - Mam, dahil po sa weather. I always told them na even before the storm I already had no connection.
- It was only after 3 weeks when I finally gave up and went to GLobe's business center in Megamall to terminate my account. I patiently waited in the long line. I repeatedly asked the customer service representative documenting my termintation request if I still needed to pay for the 5 days that I was able to use the service or for the pre-termination fee. She said I didn't need to because I almost was not able to use the service. She will waive the pre-termination fee. I signed papers, even wrote a letter of request. Told them to retrieve their modem and cables from the house and I didn't want to have anything to do with them anymore. They said they will fix everything within 5 working days.

After that experience, I tried to forget all about my experienve with Globe broadband and applied to PLDT DSL. I've been using the service for 2 weeks now and so far so good. No disconnections even when it's storming outside. I had to bear with a slower connection for the first few days but it's still better coz I am able to download from rapidshare and megaupload.

I was a happy surfer again until I received another bill from Globe just today. Of course I didn't want to pay for it. I wouldnt have called them If I didn't have another line with Globe that I was afraid they will cut if I dont settle the Broad band issue. So I called their hotline to tell them that I have terminated the account. Apparently, the termination request never reached them and the account is still active in their records. The girl kept telling me that the internet connection was still working which I didn't believe so I took Globe's modem (they still havent pulled it out) and checked if there was a connection. Nada, it was still blink blink blinking. The girl advised me to just settle the bill and they will fix the termination so that I will not get billed in the future. Settle the bill my ass. I told her I am not paying a damn cent since I did my duty as a consumer and went personally to their business office to fill out the forms needed for the termination of my account. Told her it is not my fault that they lost my request and I am not going to pay for their negligence. Poor girl, I think I almost made her cry. I can't believe the inefficiency of Globe! Their customer service reps are inadequate who does not know how to properly handle a customer (at least the ones that I talked to, which was a lot considering I was calling everyday for 2 weeks). Their service is non-existent and yet they still insist that I have connection. I am going back again tomorrow at their business center to wreak havoc and give a tongue lashing to the person who lost my termination request and promised me that I did not have to pay for anything.


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