Tuesday, March 11, 2008

269 Days to go

I am so excited and anxious at the same time. The wedding is about 9 months from now. It's still far off but I am already starting to doubt if I can fix everything myself. Mac and I agreed not to hire a planner because we wanted to be hands on for the wedding and besides, my mom will do most of the planning since she has the time. We've decided on most of the big things but I'm worried about the wedding day itself. Who will coordinate everything while I'm walking down the aisle? haha. One of my cousins will probably do the job.

So far here's the preparations we've done:
1. We have an invitation/misalette supplier - during a wedding expo in Megamall, in which my parents went with us, my dad saw a stall for Jay Cee Kay's printings. He liked the formal and simple look of the invitation so we booked on the spot. Mac and I wanted the pop-up invitations but of course my parents objected. They wanted a formal invite so we went with what they chose. My parents chose the colors and the paper materials.

2. We have informed the primary and secondary sponsors so the entourage is set. We will submit the names of the entourage by August so the invitation supplier could start doing it.

3. We chose East Digital as our Photo and Video supplier. We also saw them in the wedding expo. At first I was going to book with ParkerShot because the photographers there were our schoolmates however they don't have an office so since East Digital gave us a very good package we went with them.

4. We've chosen ring designs already. Mac's tito is a jeweler so he will be the one who will do our rings (he also did my engagement ring).

5. The motif will be red and gold since my favorite color is red and also since the wedding is happening during the Christmas season.

6. The church, venue, caterer are all set. We'll have food tasting and check out the centerpiece designs around October.

7. My Tita Leny will do the gowns. She has been doing all my gowns since I was a kid so I really want her to do my gown. I've picked a design and will just ask her to see if she can do a gown similar to what I chose. I would have made her a primary sponsor but she would be going to the states by then so she can't be here. It's such a shame.

8. I wanted Mac and the entourage to wear a suit, however, the primary and secondary sponsors might have a problem with that so they might just wear barong.

9. For the performers during the wedding and the reception, my mom has already talked to someone she likes so I'm okay with that.

10. Fr. Monic, a priest I have known since I was a kid and who was the priest during our high school graduation will officiate the wedding. Fr. Francis and our parish priest Fr. Barry will also con celebrate the wedding. Fr. Monic is requesting that we talk to him months before the wedding. Mac and I were already thinking of questions he might ask and rehearsing our answers so we'll be prepared. hehe.

So that's basically it so far. We're still having a problem with the souvenirs. Mac and I wants to give small glycerin soaps with our initials but we're still looking for other suppliers who can give us cheaper rates.

On another topic, everything a work sucks. The role delineation is so unclear I don't know what tasks I should be doing and what I should be turning over to the new brand activations team. Add to that, all my bosses are new and are still adjusting to the job. Before my job was clear, I handle solely Red Horse but now I am not too sure what I handle coz I will be involved in all other core beer brands (Red HOrse, Cerveza Negra, Cali and Gold Eagle). Add to that, San Mig Light's brand manager is resigning by April ( Since the re-organization and the new marketing manager's appointment 4 people has resigned already, I guess that says something) so another re-organization will happen. I cannot do my key responsibilities chart coz I myself am not too sure about my key responsibilities. The sad part in all of this is that they haven't promoted me yet. Yes, I get my upgrades and salary increases but I want a promotion. I think I deserve a promotion with all the years I have invested in the job and with all the brands that I am now handling.

Top management sucks!!!!

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