Friday, June 15, 2007

Ilocos Trip

My Dad have been nagging us to go to Ilocos to meet the family of my brother's girlfriend. And last weekend we were finally able to go. The family went with Tita and Mac. The trip to Ilocos was a lot of firsts for Mac as he has never been there before.

The following are the highlights of our trip:

  • Passed by Vigan to eat lunch at a local cafe. Since we were already in the City, we took the opportunity to take pictures beside the antique houses and ride a calesa (It also is the first time Mac rode one). We also saw a big St. Bernard in the heritage village.

  • We also passed by "Baluarte" - Chavit Singson's house where he keeps a lot of his animals. There were tigers, monkeys, small horses, ostriches and butterflies.

  • We spent the nights in Gef's resort and they always had a lot of food for our meals. Her family was so nice and hospitable. They even gave us a lot pasalubong before we left Laoag.
  • Went up a hundred steps of a lighthouse in Laoag (can't remember the name).
  • Visited the famous windmills that the late president Marcos built. It was huge!
  • Hiked 2 kilometers to see Kaibigan Falls. The walk was tiring but worth it. On the way back, we rode a top down 1978 pick up truck so we won't have to walk and we were all so amazed at the sturdiness of the car.

  • On our last day, we went to visit the Marcoses old home. It was really big.

So that was it. There was still a lot of places we were not able to visit because of the lack of time so i'm sure we'd come back to Ilocos.

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