Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Miss My Friends!!!!!

I miss Melissa. I miss being frustrated with her always not being allowed to go out. I miss going to her house and pestering her to come with us to Baliuag. I miss the talks we have, and although we have different interests, I still miss sharing my latest addictions with her. I miss surprising her with balloons and cakes during her birthday which has become a tradition between us. I miss Melissa.

I miss Portia. I miss all the chismisan sessions that we have talking about who has gotten pregnant or who has hooked up in our batch. I miss talking to her about things that are too sensitive to talk about. I miss shopping with her and looking for bargains. I miss our overnight tambays and our cooking sessions. I miss my kakuntsaba who will save my ass when my parents call to look for me and I am out on a date. I miss Portia

I miss Tin. I miss our hour long tambays in McDo just talking about anything under the sun. I miss people watching with her. I miss our driving lessons together. I don't remember the exact moment that we became friends, but what I remember is all the times that she was there when I needed someone. She was my constant companion in high school, my partner in crime whenever we would cut classes, cheat on exams. I miss Tin.

I miss Eufra. I miss talking to her about my boy problems and seeing her expression as if she wants to bang my head against a wall if I ever mention Earl again. I miss singing with her. I miss how she can be so sensible when I do not make sense. I miss how she always defends me to anyone who has the guts to say something negative about me. I miss how honest she is and how much she loves her friends. I miss Eufra.

I miss Jaja. I miss hanging out at her dorm. I miss it when she asks me for ‘buhat’. I miss her calling me astral twin. I miss how she always holds on to my arm whenever we are walking. I miss her little boy, little girl stories. I miss her notes that she leaves at the back of my notebooks. I miss how worried I get whenever she would convince me to let her drive, even if it was just inside Ateneo. I miss Jaja.

I miss Julie. I miss riding in her car. I miss teasing her about her crushes and about how her middle initial (A) means cognitive. I miss seeing her eat. I was never hungry whenever I was with Julie because we were always eating. I miss how mushy she gets whenever we watch a love story or whenever she gets kilig. I miss singing in the car with her. I miss Julie

I miss Millette. I miss hearing her sing. I always loved hearing her sing. I miss it whenever she would impersonate someone. I miss her beautiful smile. I miss her oreo cheesecake. I miss Millete.

I miss Rean. I miss organizing outings and worrying with him. I miss how responsible he is. I miss our talks in the Colayca bench and how he made us (Millette, Ja, Julie and me) cry. I miss hearing him philosopize. I miss how he talks about love. I miss Rean.

I miss Jay. I miss teasing each other every morning. I miss asking him to play his guitar whenever I catch him. I miss grilling him about his girl prospects. I miss Jay.

I miss Ego. Although it pisses me off that he is always late, In a weird way, I miss it. I miss shouting to him “Ego, kanta tayo!” I miss consoling him. I miss him teaching me about all those techie stuff that I can not understand. I miss our SWAP gimiks. I miss our inumans. I miss our road trips and our food trips. I miss Ego.

I miss Anne. I miss hugging her. I miss her scolding me when I am being irrational. I miss her crying with me when my world was crashing. I miss her being always there to support me. I miss bringing her home. I miss sleepovers in her house. I miss how she waits for me until my class was finished so we could go out to dinner. I miss Anne.

I miss Marvin. I miss our talks in the car where I would always shock him with my questions. I miss the flowers for no reason at all. I miss hearing him laugh. I miss teasing him about everything. I miss our long walks. I miss how naïve he is. I miss how special he always made me feel. I miss Marvin.

I miss Gelo. I miss how he can be so sensible and crazy at the same time. I miss how kenkoy he is ( teka lang, manong, teka lang). I miss his funny stories. I miss Gelo.

I miss my friends! I might not have a lot but at least I know that they are true ones.

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